They made all the difference...

...We could not have done this without them. Not only do they have significant and relevant knowledge about governmental accounting, but they are product experts with a professional and methodical approach to project management.”

Maxine Buckles

Port of Houston Authority

Corporate Controller

Let us Turn Your Finance Team

into An Intelligent Machine

Gray CPA Consulting, PC has been providing Custom Report Automation Solutions since 2001.

We are a team of Industry & Product Experts who are committed to providing the guidance, tools, and services that foster Lifelong success for their clients.

Now that we're LSL, none of that will change.

Some of those clients include:

Albuquerque, NM, City
Anguilla, AI, National Bank
Bakersfield, CA, City
Baltimore County Public Schools
Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission, CA
Bend, OR, City
Beverly Hills, CA, City
Bowling Green, KY, City
Brownsville, TX, City
Buffalo, CO, City
Buffalo, NY, City
Buncombe, NC, County
Champaign, IL, Parks
Charlotte, FL, County
Citizen Potawatomi Nation, OK
Colorado River Commission
Corpus Christi, TX, City Budget Book team

Corpus Christi, TX, City CAFR team
Deerfield Beach, FL, City
Duval, FL, County Schools
Fort Worth, TX, City
Georgia Municipal Association
Greensville, SC, County
Hidalgo, TX, County
Hillsborough, CA, Town
Hillsborough, FL, County
Jacksonville, FL, Aviation Authority
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Jurupa, County Schools
Kings, CA, County
Leon, FL County
Leon, FL, County Board of  Commissioners
Leon, FL, County Schools
Los Angeles, CA, City

Loveland, CO, CIty
Martin, FL, County
Milwaukee, WI, County
Mobile, AL, City
Moses Lake, WA, City
Monterey, CA, County
Napa, CA, City
Napa, CA, County
Nevada State Controllers
Newport News, VA, City
Oconee, SC, County
Palmetto, FL, City
Polk, FL, County Clerk of Circuit Courts
Pompano Beach, FL, City
Port Arthur, TX, City
Port of Houston Authority, TX
Portland, OR, City
Pueblo, CO, County
Richardson, TX, City

Sacramento, CA, County
Saint Vrain Valley, CO, Schools
San Francisco, CA, Utility
San Jose, CA, City
San Jose, CA, City, Federated City ERS
San Jose, CA, City, Police and Fire Retirement Plan
San Jose, CA, International Airport
Sedona, AZ, City Budget Book Team
Sedona, AZ, City CAFR Team
Sparks, NV, City
Tallahassee, FL, City
Union, OK, Public Schools
University Place, WA, City
Ventura, CA, City
Ventura, CA, County
Walworth, WI, County
Washington State University
Weld, CO, County of
Winnsboro, TX, City

“They really felt like part of our team,

working with and for us."

“They have perfected their methodology,” says Buckles. “Ours is a large and complex installation, yet Gray & Associates handled it efficiently. They built all of the tables and the notes were prebuilt. Going forward we just need to update them. They even set up the table of contents for us, properly formatted and automatically updated.”

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