Nonprofit and Government Financial Operations Improvement with AccuFund Solutions

AccuFund's primary mission is to provide easy-to-use, flexible and powerful software for the nonprofit and government organizations. The AccuFund software includes a full suite of software for either FASB or GASB reporting. AccuFund provides a scalable solution with functionality options appropriate for both large and small accounting departments. The accounting suite is simple to install, easy and intuitive to learn. It utilizes a basic Windows environment and frequently may be installed utilizing existing hardware.



Besides AccuFund's full accounting suite, it also provides add-on products utilized in conjunction with other company's accounting systems and has a full suite of Endowment Management products for the development department actively managing many named endowment funds.



With a comprehensive team including Accountants, Auditors, Programmers, Trainers, Project Managers, and Financial Reporting Experts, we are uniquely suited to implement a variety of solutions to help you Automate your reporting Process.  


It is a technical world and both reporting processes and workplaces in general are inundated with an unprecidented amount of technical components. We offer support along with our implementation as well as a stand-alone service for select solutions.

“The AccuFund system allows us to be the most efficient we can be, the system’s organization and sorting capabilities have saved us so much time by making it quick and easy for us to find the information we need.”

Celia Sapp / City of Mobile / Internal Auditor


All of our clients are unique. Regardless of sector, size, and industry, we take the time to understand your systems and needs before we begin to apply our own experience to improve your reporting process and recommend third-party solutions. 

 “In the 16 years I’ve been here, it was the easiest audit we've ever gone through and I attribute that to AccuFund.”


Improve organizational transparency and accountability with AccuFund’s

complete financial management solutions,

ideal for nonprofits and government entities.

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