Report Automation Services

with CaseWare Solutions

CaseWare's Audit and Reporting software enables full-automation of audit
preparation, financial statement preparation, and financial reporting
including CAFR, Component Units, Enterprise Funds and Special Purpose Districts


All of our clients are unique. Regardless of sector, size, and industry, we take the time to understand your systems and needs before we begin to apply our own experience to improve your reporting process and recommend third-party solutions. 


With a comprehensive team including Accountants, Auditors, Programmers, Trainers, Project Managers, and Financial Reporting Experts, we are uniquely suited to implement a variety of solutions to help you Automate your reporting Process.  

“We would turn over the data to our external auditors and accept the reports they prepared. By doing it ourselves, we gain valuable insight that can help in our overall planning and budgeting processes.”

Celia Sapp / City of Mobile / Internal Auditor


It is a technical world and both reporting processes and workplaces in general are inundated with an unprecidented amount of technical components. We offer support along with our implementation as well as a stand-alone service for select solutions.

“They really felt like part of our team, working with and for us.”

- Maxine Buckles, Corporate Controller for Port of Houston Authority


"We Could not have done this without them"

Learn about our "Unique Methodology" for implementing automated reporting processes and read here how our team helped the Port of Houston sail through its reporting cycle.

Simplify. Automate. Accelerate.

An end-to-end solution to fully automate audit preparation,
financial statement preparation, and financial reporting.

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