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Does Your FinanceWorkflow Need a Power-up?

Our Team of Industry
& Product Experts

Customized, Scalable Tools, Methodologies, 
Training & Services


Audit Coaching

We stay with you before, during, and after your audit to guide you, advocate for you, and automate your process

We are passionate about empowering finance teams to improve their audit experience by building them automation, accuracy, and independence.

Central Help Desk

In a workplace that requires your team to have knowledge of your field, but also a variety of software environments, get yourself a firm that can help you with all of it. With a centralized communication hub for your whole team, everyone can get help on what matters to them and everyone else can glean from it.

Compliance & Excellence

With historic success and expertise in several compliance and excellence standards presented to finance teams today, our team is uniquely equipped to help you achieve your goals.

We strive to stay at the forefront of what is important to our clients and work with our software partners to do the same. 

Expert Task Sharing

During strenuous times or major upheavals like new hires, software changes, new GAAP/GASB pronouncements, you may need some help with your workload.

Delegate work that will get your projects accomplished and leverage off our experts to make custom solutions to improve your workflow.


Audit Coaching

We are with you before, during & after the audit to help you through

Troubleshooting, Automation & Methodology for:

Work Papers



Cash Flows


GASB Updates

Post-Audit Improvements

Government-Wide Reconciliations

Production Automation:

CAFR’s, Budget Books,


Interactive Dashboards

Central Help Desk

Expert Services for Finance, Accounting, Tech, and Software


Services for NEW OR EXISTING Software Environments:

Software/ Add-on Selection



Methodology & Process Automation

Services for Accounting & Finance:

Troubleshooting Numbers

Best Practices

Mentorship for New Professionals

Training & CPE

Best Practices Guidance

Compliance & Excellence

Reporting Standards:


ADA/WCAG Compliant Solutions

XBRL Guidance & Implementation



NASBA Certified CPE

SOC II (1&2), ISO

Compliant Solutions

Contractor "Set Aside"

We are a Certified 

Women-Owned Small Business Operating and Staffed in the USA

Expert Task Sharing

We take a collaborative, integrated approach to our "outsourcing" services.

We offer centralized project management for both our teams to maintain communication and achieve our goals.


We offer tiered and discounted rates depending on the staffing we require for your projects and how we structure your contract.


Our experts include:
CPA’s & Accountants, I.T. Pros, Trainers, Programmers Project Managers, Designers, 
Data-Entry & Administrative Staff


Audit Coaching

"We had a clean audit, absolutely no adjustments. And our auditors were able to complete their review more quickly than ever before, saving the City money on fees.

Of course, we trusted our auditors, but now we have access to the summarized numbers and the intricate detail that makes up those numbers. This gives us increased confidence.

We have taken ownership of a vital piece of our financial operations"


- City of Mobile, AL

Central Help Desk

"Gail Gray has over 20 years of experience.  Her team is extremely knowledgeable.

Gray CPAs are always on call to assist in any changes I may need help with - oftentimes working Saturdays and Sundays.

Gail Gray and her team are always friendly, courteous, and prompt.  You really couldn’t ask for better customer service from a consultant."


- City of Las Vegas, NV

Compliance & Excellence

"She (Gail) has always been very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I would recommend her service to anyone"


-City of Ventura, CA


"If you are a large organization like us, you need someone like Gray CPAs that you can count on to guide you through a major process transition"


- City of Los Angeles, CA

Expert Task Sharing

"Excellent customer services, always available to reach.  They take the time to understand what complications might arise and are proactive at fixing these problems before the occur.


Gray CPAs has gone above and beyond when we are in a crunch; often working long hours and through the weekends to help us ensure that we had our project prepared on time."


- City of Las Vegas, NV

Purple - Blue Gradient

Gray CPA Consulting is now a part of LSL.


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