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We are sorry to have missed the opportunity to meet you in person and so glad you can join us online. Please feel free to take advantage of the following resources:

We are not your standard CPA firm. We don't want your audit, but we do want to help. Browse the info below to learn about how we are here to empower your team.

Expert Implementation, Consulting, Training & Support


Accounting Environments for any sized organization

Streamlined Work Papers,

Pre-Audit Prep, Reporting, & GASB Compliance

Robotic Process Automation, Analytics, & FOrecasting

About Gray CPA Consulting

For over 20 years, Gray CPA Consulting has been providing government finance teams with the support, methodology, automation, and training they need to empower themselves. 

With an agile team of varied subject matter experts, Gray CPAs has been able to handle software implementation, customization, and training; external comptroller/controller services; year-end-close automation, CAFR & Budget Book production and automation, and more!

Our premier software partner is CaseWare International, which is a fantastic tool for automating complex financial document workflows from Work Paper to Publish (like CAFR, Budget, etc)

We are also proud to partner with Accufund, a feature-full and scalable ERP solution; UiPath, a user-friendly RPA powerhouse; and LeaseQuery, the simplest way to automate GASB 87 compliance.

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Contact Jaeson (who would have been at the booth!)

Tel. 936-828-4587

6606 FM 1488 STE 148-621

Magnolia, TX 77354

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Empowering These Finance Teams:

Albuquerque, NM, City
Anguilla, AI, National Bank
Bakersfield, CA, City
Baltimore County Public Schools
Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission, CA
Bend, OR, City
Beverly Hills, CA, City
Bowling Green, KY, City
Brownsville, TX, City
Buffalo, CO, City
Buffalo, NY, City
Buncombe, NC, County
Champaign, IL, Parks
Charlotte, FL, County
Citizen Potawatomi Nation, OK
Colorado River Commission
Corpus Christi, TX, City Budget Book team

Corpus Christi, TX, City CAFR team
Deerfield Beach, FL, City
Duval, FL, County Schools
Fort Worth, TX, City
Georgia Municipal Association
Greensville, SC, County
Hidalgo, TX, County
Hillsborough, CA, Town
Hillsborough, FL, County
Jacksonville, FL, Aviation Authority
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Jurupa, County Schools
Kings, CA, County
Leon, FL County
Leon, FL, County Board of  Commissioners
Leon, FL, County Schools
Los Angeles, CA, City

Loveland, CO, CIty
Martin, FL, County
Milwaukee, WI, County
Mobile, AL, City
Moses Lake, WA, City
Monterey, CA, County
Napa, CA, City
Napa, CA, County
Nevada State Controllers
Newport News, VA, City
Oconee, SC, County
Palmetto, FL, City
Polk, FL, County Clerk of Circuit Courts
Pompano Beach, FL, City
Port Arthur, TX, City
Port of Houston Authority, TX
Portland, OR, City
Pueblo, CO, County
Richardson, TX, City

Sacramento, CA, County
Saint Vrain Valley, CO, Schools
San Francisco, CA, Utility
San Jose, CA, City
San Jose, CA, City, Federated City Employees Retirement System
San Jose, CA, City, Police and Fire Retirement Plan
San Jose, CA, International Airport
Sedona, AZ, City Budget Book Team
Sedona, AZ, City CAFR Team
Sparks, NV, City
Tallahassee, FL, City
Union, OK, Public Schools
University Place, WA, City
Ventura, CA, City
Ventura, CA, County
Walworth, WI, County
Washington State University
Weld, CO, County of
Winnsboro, TX, City

Expert Implementation, Consulting, Training & Support

Audit Coaching

We are with you before, during & after the audit to help you through

Troubleshooting, Automation & Methodology for:

Work Papers



Cash Flows


GASB Updates

Post-Audit Improvements

Government-Wide Reconciliations

Production Automation:

CAFR’s, Budget Books,


Interactive Dashboards

Central Help Desk

Expert Services for Finance, Accounting, Tech, and Software


Services for NEW OR EXISTING Software Environments:

Software/ Add-on Selection



Methodology & Process Automation

Services for Accounting & Finance:

Troubleshooting Numbers

Best Practices

Mentorship for New Professionals

Training & CPE

Best Practices Guidance

Compliance & Excellence

Reporting Standards:


ADA/WCAG Compliant Solutions

XBRL Guidance & Implementation



NASBA Certified CPE

SOC II (1&2), ISO

Compliant Solutions

Contractor "Set Aside"

We are a Certified 

Women-Owned Small Business Operating and Staffed in the USA

Expert Task Sharing

We take a collaborative, integrated approach to our "outsourcing" services.

We offer centralized project management for both our teams to maintain communication and achieve our goals.


We offer tiered and discounted rates depending on the staffing we require for your projects and how we structure your contract.


Our experts include:
CPA’s & Accountants, I.T. Pros, Trainers, Programmers Project Managers, Designers, 
Data-Entry & Administrative Staff


Customized Accounting Environments for any sized organization

Scalable Public Sector Accounting Software

  • Automate Processes

    Save time and reduce errors.

  • Control


    Track revenue and expenses across projects.

  • Easy

    & Intuitive

    streamline processes and
    increase productivity.

  • Online

    or Onsite

    We offer multiple deployment options to meet your unique needs.

  • Customize Your Solution

    Choose the modules that suit your specific needs. 

  • Scale to


    Only pay for what you need. Whether simple or complex. 

Improve transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

From the calmest remote town to the most dynamic metropolis, every local government must keep its financial house in order. The foremost solution for government accounting offers a wide range of tools that meet the distinct needs of different municipalities.

Sustainable Value

Our consultants can help reduce costs and improve efficiency on an ongoing basis.

  • Manage contracts, taxes, fees, and purchases more effectively

  • Minimize errors and reduce duplicative efforts

  • Streamline and automate payroll processes

  • Generate accurate reports instantly

  • Allocate expenses more effectively

  • Make better budgetary decisions

Better serve your constituents with the AccuFund Accounting Suite.

Get more for your money from the leading accounting solution for local governments, Tribal Nations, and special districts.

Be more accountable when it comes to government accounting.

We know that local governments and government agencies need to demonstrate financial prudence and local accountability. That’s why we offer a comprehensive government accounting software that offers robust reporting capabilities, dashboards for more informed decisions, and much more at a great price.

The core system includes: a general ledger for all your financial data, plus modules for easy financial reporting, customizing dashboards, tracking and paying bills, managing cash receipts, and reconciling your bank accounts.


Streamlined Work Papers,

Pre-Audit Prep, Reporting, & GASB Compliance

CaseWare's Audit and Reporting software enables full-automation of audit preparation, financial statement preparation, and financial reporting including CAFR, Component Units, Enterprise Funds, and Special Purpose Districts

“We would turn over the data to our external auditors and accept the reports they prepared. By doing it ourselves, we gain valuable insight that can help in our overall planning and budgeting processes.”

- Celia Sapp / City of Mobile / Internal Auditor

They really felt like part of our team, working with and for us.”

- Maxine Buckles, Corporate Controller for Port of Houston Authority


Robotic Process Automation, Analytics, & FOrecasting

Similar to commercial organizations, the Public Sector faces issues that require immediate attention: from a high volume of work that blocks productivity, to employee shortage, from frequent regulatory and policy modifications to insufficient collaboratory tools to allow different departments to synchronize.


RPA finds fertile ground and strong opportunities in government, as it allows to prioritize human-centric services and declutter departments from redundant and time-consuming tasks. RPA has a positive impact on cost reduction, productivity, accuracy, data analysis and decision-making.

Forecast5 combines advanced software expertise with domain-specific experience to deliver analytics for the public sector. Using our suite of simple tools, you can build annual or multi-year budgets, model different scenarios, and future impacts, find new revenue sources, and more, with a series of clicks.

Never build a spreadsheet again.

Managing by spreadsheet is familiar, but it is labor-intensive, limited, and, with advances in data science, obsolete.

That's why an increasing number of school districts, higher education institutions, and municipalities are successfully using Forecast5's data analytics software tools for decision support.

Forecast5 is the only provider in the marketplace that offers proven, easy-to-learn-and-use public sector budgeting and data analytics software designed specifically for the daily and long-term strategic needs of K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and municipalities.

Unlocking RPA's Potential in Government:

Improving Service to the Citizen with RPA

A Ui Path Public Sector White Paper

Purple - Blue Gradient

Gray CPA Consulting is now a part of LSL.


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