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Gray CPA Consulting, PC has been providing Custom Report Automation Solutions since 2001. The firm’s team of accountants, governmental auditors, and programmers are committed to bringing a highly professional, methodical, and strategic approach to implementation and training, ensuring lasting success for its clients. 

“They have perfected their methodology, Ours is a large and complex installation, yet they handled it efficiently."

Our methodology:

(in Phases)



Implementation Customization Phase

Gray CPa's evaluates your Team's Needs and performs any customization modules necessary. At this time there is an extensive amount of Collaboration and Consultation on Reporting Standards and your own data. The Customization of your solution happens incrementally and collaboratively. While our Template Development Team Builds, our consulting team works with your team on the integrity and architecture of your data.


This Phase Concludes with installation and extensive implementation consulting. This includes a custom, team-wide, comprehensive training module for both End Users and Power Users. 



Implementation Support Phase

During this phase, your team begins to utilize your solution with oversight and training from Gray CPA's. As your team progresses closer and closer to audit and print-ready reports, Gray CPA's is available for support and technical review.

At this point, both teams apply finishing touches and troubleshooting. Any Templates created by replicating prior-period reports are then rolled forward to the current reporting period so that preparation can be made for Audit and Print. This phase is designed to empower the user to utilize the solution to the best of their ability. 



Extended Support Phase

Some of our Clients choose to engage us in ongoing support contracts. 

Continued support allows us to assist your team with software, content and Reporting Standard updates. 

It also gives us the opportunity to perform additional customization work as your needs change. 

The advantage of keeping us on your team is that we know you, your product and your processes. This streamlines the support and troubleshooting process. 

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