As of November 1st, 2020, Gray CPA Consulting, PC is now a part of LSL CPAs and Advisors (Lance, Soll & Lunghard, LLP)!


We’ve been traveling the same road for quite a while now, so it made perfect sense for Gray CPA Consulting and LSL CPAs and Advisors to come together to do even more for you. 


You may be thinking, ‘Hold on a minute! Why are they doing this? How does this impact me?” 


I understand why you might feel this way, especially with all the change and uncertainty going on in the world lately. Rest assured that this is a VERY good thing for you. Here’s why:


The team you’ve come to trust and built a relationship with remains the same.

Jaeson, Matt, Natalie, Ruan, Jordan and I will continue to work closely with you, just as we always have. Those familiar faces will be available to you via RingCentral and email, whenever you need them. And, I’m not going anywhere! Your relationship with me and the rest of the Gray team will not change - we just have a bigger family of team members to serve you now. Finally, our pricing and contracts will not change. 


More team members dedicated to serving you. 

LSL has 15 partners, 21 managers and 89 professional & support staff, serving a wide variety of clients: government, auto dealerships, manufacturing & distribution, professional services, healthcare, real estate and non-profits. And, they are just as friendly, accessible and knowledgeable as we are, which is why we know that you’ll love them! 


I chose to join LSL because we share the same vision and values. 

Gray has always been a hands-on, client-centric firm. We enjoy working closely with you and being easily accessible (you can always call me directly!). LSL shares that philosophy, along with our vision, values and approach to client service. The Gray team will not be lost in our new family, and my voice and vision is still heard. What has changed is we now have the LSL powerhouse behind us to continue to improve what we do for you. 


We’ve known and respected LSL for many, many years and share a long history together - we actually trained LSL partners on CaseWare 15 years ago!  When our firms chatted at the CSMFO conference earlier this year, we talked about the idea of joining forces and realized the power of coming together to do even more for you. 


I encourage you to get to know our new family by visiting LSL’s website and social channels:

LSL LinkedIn

LSL Twitter

LSL Facebook

LSL Instagram

LSL Vimeo


In the meantime, look for some exciting new people and processes that will make our service to you even better!

If you have any questions about billing and insurance, you can refer to this page

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Gray CPA Consulting is now a part of LSL.


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