Meet The Team

Ruan Strydom

Senior Accountant Support and Devo, SDK Programmer

Jordan Smith

Support Manager, Devo Team, SDK Programmer

Anita Michelsen

CPA, Principal, Vice President & Secretary

Gail A. Gray

CPA, Managing Principal, President, Senior Consultant

Matt Freitas

CPA Candidate, Project and Development Manager

Natalie Freitas

Director of Web, Marketing, Creative, and Logistics

Jaeson Freitas

Accounts Manager, Customer Success Specialist


Gail A. Gray

CPA, Managing Principal, President

CAseWare Authorized Instructor

CaseWare Authorized Consultant

Texas CPA License: 101368
California CPA License: 76274
Colorado CPA License: 16938
Corporate CPA Firm License: C08648
GFOA Membership: 30017113

At Gray CPA Consulting: Gail is the founding principal of Gray CPA Consulting. She works with our team to ensure we are providing a high quality of service to our clients. She is our Governmental Sector Subject Matter Expert for the CaseWare GASB Template. She is the private sector subject matter expert for CaseWare solutions for our Accounting and Corporate clients as well. She is the lead consultant and trainer for our CaseWare Partnership Projects. 

Personally: Gail values a strong work ethic and high-quality customer service. She believes this is what sets us apart in a very competitive workspace. If we take care of each of our clients like we would our family and become a part of their team, we will keep our clients successful and happy. Treating her team and her clients like family is a big deal to Gail because of her strong family values. She believes this is what empowers her team, and that her family empowers her.

Off the Clock: Gail has a strong commitment to her family and it is important to her to be an influential part of their lives. True to her word, Gail serves as the family matriarch both on and off the clock, as we have many family members as part of our team. She and her husband love to take their family and friends to Mexico and share the blessings God has provided them. She has a strong faith in God and believes he is the provider of all we have and accomplish. Her dog, Grayce is her therapist. Her husband, Bob, is such a blessing and she could not accomplish all that she does without him being as supportive as he is. 

Fav Quote: “l can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” - Philippians 4:13

Funky fact: Gail was a medic and a psych tech working in an inpatient psych hospital in the Army



At Gray CPA Consulting: Anita collaborates with clients to design and implement custom software solutions for complex reporting. Anita also manages the tax and accounting division of the firm. Anita is our Government-Wide Reconciliation Guru and our MS Excel Expert! We rely on her for her attention to detail and her patience. Anita is an excellent listener and really takes her time to find out exactly what her clients and colleagues are trying to communicate. We are an accounting firm, not a writing one, so we need her skills in grammar to make sure we sound like the professionals we are.

Personally: Anita values her relationships and her integrity. These guide her work ethic and her commitment to maintaining professional and personal relationships with her peers and clients. At the office, we rely on her cool head and perspective.

Off the Clock: When she is not at work, Anita loves a good book, a great wine, and fun friends! She loves traveling and seeing new places. Beautiful, natural spaces inspire her. Though we referred to Ruan’s family as the von Trapps because of their music, the Michelsen’s are all singers in indulge in regular Karaoke parties. When working at her office, their lovely voices pop up in all directions.

Fav Quote: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” - Romans 12:21 (NIV)

Funky Fact: Anita helped form a book club focused on reading the classics: ...Paradise Lost, Frankenstein, The Brothers Karamazov… to name just a few. They met and discussed books for over three years.


Anita Michelsen

CPA, Principal, Vice-President & Secretary

Texas CPA License: 107110
Louisiana CPA License: 18560
TSCPA Member: 921578
Certified Quickbooks Advisor



Matthew S. Freitas

CPA Candidate, BS in Computer Science, Project and Development Manager

CaseWare Authorized Instructor

(936) 828-4587


At Gray CPA Consulting:  Matt manages our ongoing implementation and development projects. He also contributes to training materials and our CaseWare library content. He is on our support team and offers governmental accounting as well as software specific support for our clients and our fellow team members. He also serves as a CaseWare authorized trainer, consultant, and implementation specialist.

Personally:  Matt believes that a project is not successful until the client believes it to be so. Matt also thinks work-life balance is important for our whole team. The staff at Gray CPAs has a tendency to overwork themselves - which is an awesome trait - but Matt has made it his mission to make sure everyone takes care of themselves. He also unofficially monitors the happiness and enrichment levels of our team and is the first to sound the alarm if someone needs a change of pace. 

Off the Clock:  Matt truly values the power of play and participates every year in Extra Life to raise funds to provide enrichment to chronic illness patients at Texas Children’s Hospital. Matt is passionate about all methods of gaming. Gaming is a way to provide education and healing to people as well as just for fun. Gaming is how we make connections and friends in our area and wherever we go. Matt also loves his family; including his wife, Natalie; their Dogs, Yuki and Vixen; their cats, Miss Kitty, Piwo, and Yotsuba. They almost always have a foster dog from the Texas Sled Dog Rescue as well.

Fav Quote:  "To infinity and beyond:" - Buzz Lightyear

Funky Fact:  Matt likes to build and assemble things like Legos, Gunpla, Models, and Miniatures


At Gray CPA Consulting: Jordan is our lead programmer and technical support manager. He is also our lead builder for our customization projects. He is always up to date with the status of all of our clients. He knows where everyone’s projects are and what they need. We rely on his commitment to our clients and his consistency at work.


Personally: Jordan values an honest approach to work and his life. Just having a conversation with him and you’ll notice it. He is extremely giving to others; including his coworkers and our clients. There is a reason why our customers call looking for him, specifically, for even simple support questions.


Off the clock: In his free time, Jordan plays Chess and Tennis. He has played most of his life and hopes to continue playing through old age. His skill in both has earned him ranks, titles, and coaching positions. He has offered to teach us, but, frankly, that requires exercising outdoors - and not all of us are as excited about the prospect as Jordan is.


Fav Quote: Silence is a source of Great Strength.”― Lao Tzu


Funky fact: He knows his Korean name (But he won’t tell us!)



Jordan Smith

BSCS s: Digital Forensics and Information Assurance

CaseWare Authorized SDK Programmer

(936) 828-4587



Ruan Strydom

Senior Accountant Support and Devo, SDK Programmer

CaseWare Authorized SDK Programmer

(936) 828-4587


At Gray CPA Consulting: Ruan is an invaluable part of our support and development team. He is our champion of creative solutions for our most complex programming and accounting requests. His experience with CaseWare in South Africa also gives him chops with international reporting standards and best practices. He is actively involved in and has experience with xbrl. We are very grateful to have him.

Personally: Ruan values accuracy, reliability, loyalty, commitment, and honesty. These values are represented in the way he creates solutions and works with our colleagues and clients. He excels at setting clear and realistic expectations for special products and delivering on the challenges set before him. His creativity and technical expertise is an invaluable asset to our team.

Off the Clock: In Ruan’s words, “Live faithfully. Love God and Love others.” Ruan has a lovely family with whom he has relocated to Texas from South Africa. The whole family has musical talent and the rest of us at the office are waiting for the day we get a performance a-la von Trapp family :p Ruan misses his outdoor activities including hunting, shooting, and making his own biltong (air-dried jerky). We hope he can find these activities here in Texas!

Fav Quote: “Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.” - Anonymous

Funky Fact: According to Ruan, “ I’m right-handed but I got a left hand too.”



At Gray CPA Consulting:  Jaeson sources potential new clients and works to provide the services best suited for their needs. Jaeson is also the face of our team at a lot of networking events. You may run into him at your state GFOA conference one of these days! 

Personally:  Jaeson values honesty and dedication to make sure that our clients get a product and service that will help them perform their tasks and making sure that Gray CPA Consulting gets that product working without any hiccups. 

Off the Clock:  Jaeson enjoys cooking new recipes and he gets excited when he gets to use a new piece of hardware in the kitchen. His Sous Vide is his most recent addiction. He also enjoys playing video games with his friends from all over the world. He has an adorable family including his wife, Megan, their dogs (Artorius and Jess), their cats (Cat and Morty), and their gecko, Edison. He loves them all, but the corgi, Jess, may be the cutest of them all. 

Fav Quote:  "We win because we are determined. Disciplined. Not because we feel ourselves superior" - Kratos

Funky Fact:  Jaeson is actually terrified of June Bugs!


Jaeson N. Freitas

Accounts Manager, Customer Success Specialist


(936) 828-4587





Natalie W. Freitas

Director of Marketing, Creative, Web, and Logistics


(936) 828-4587




At Gray CPA Consulting: Natalie works collaboratively with management to devise our marketing strategies and deploy them with the creative, web, and logistic tools at her disposal. Natalie wears many hats at the office and you’ll catch her doing things like customer service, invoicing, and training coordinating as well.


Personally: Natalie believes you should take pride in your work no matter what it is. To her there is no such thing a demeaning job as long as you are proud of your efforts. So, no job is too small, but also, no job is too large. If we need to do something we have never done before, the challenge only motivates Natalie. She is known for taking on tasks far beyond her qualifications and working at them until she gets them done.


Off the Clock: Natalie loves her family and values service above all things. She gets to do these things both on and off the clock. Natalie is grateful for the amount of family she has in Texas so they can all lean on each other and accomplish great things together. Natalie also considers the non-humans as part of her family and even consider’s Jaeson’s gecko, Edison, as one of her nieces. She volunteers with The Texas Sled Dog Rescue and participates every year in “Extra Life” in order to raise funds for the Texas Children’s Hospital.


Fav Quote: “Such is the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien


Funky Fact: She speaks Polish and does commission translations for Middle Earth Languages



Our Support


Robert Gray takes care of Gail and our staff emotionally and spiritually. He works behind the scenes to provide a creative perspective. He helps to draw out Gail’s creativity and teaches us all how to express ourselves. Bob finds it meaningful and important to share both the joys and pressures his wife experiences as she runs her corporation. His goal is to shine a light of spirituality and practicality, while serving and holding up his coworkers and clients in prayer. He also helps us to make correct design and communications decisions through his experience in customer service through AutoCad and CNC programming. 
Bob sees our clients as highly skilled professionals who look to Gray CPA Consulting for specialized, unique, and innovative software and accounting solutions in order make their reporting systems more efficient. He believes that Gray CPAs is an organization with family, employees, and clients who interact and work together to serve the public and private sectors efficiently.

Bob values Jesus Christ, family, business community, church community, Bible study, and American history. When he is not working in pursuit of these values, he manages to partake in a variety of hobbies, including: art, bow hunting, shooting, and amateur science. Bob is grateful to have the ability to adapt to new situations. He is a flexible, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He is also a creative problem solver and is good at helping us to see the big picture. He is currently pursuing work in commission and fine artwork, as well as 3D printing, and sign making. He looks forward to coordinating with others in his community to spend more time reading God’s Word and praying. 

Robert Gray

AA. Art, Advertising, & Design; CNC Programmer

Sign, Print, Decor and Design Specialist

Office Management

Spiritual Support

"from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love."

Ephesians 4:16English Standard Version (ESV)
Contact Us:

Gray CPA Consulting PC  

6606 FM 1488 STE 148-621

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