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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Does Year-end mark the beginning of a desperate scramble to figure out what you need to do to make sure your reporting is up to standard. Do you stress trying to compile all your team's work into cohesive CAFR's, Budget Books, and Popular Reports? Does producing your monthly and quarterly reports get bottle-necked at that one person who is the only one that gets how that one spreadsheet works? We know how hard it is to centralize work and keep up with complex and ever-changing standards. In our own search for efficiency we discovered and helped to provide custom solutions for GAAP and GASB reporting. Using these handy tools will make your whole team work better and eliminate that stress that we have all just accepted as a normal part of our jobs.

You don't have to accept the stress and the mayhem. Give your reporting team the gift of predictability, accuracy, and streamlined efficiency. Be the hero they want, or ... the hero they deserve....? Be the world's best boss!

If you haven't realized how useful CaseWare Working Papers can be for reporting, you are really missing out. You can read more about that here. But the life-hack we've generated from CaseWare Working Papers comes in the form of the GAAP and GASB Financials Template Add-ons.

These Template Add-ons save you time, effort, and eliminate human error in the following ways:

  • An up-to-date library of GASB and GAAP Notes Content

  • A similar Library of Statements and Schedules just waiting to be customized

  • Everything you need to populate an MD&A's, SEFA's, and custom sections

  • Linkages to centralized database and work papers that can be rolled forward to new reporting periods without massive amounts of manual changes

  • Rounding Relations

  • Drill-downs that allow you to see exactly how that number got there

  • Digital Audit Trail

  • Engagement Management either locally or in the cloud

  • Print-ready reports from one, dynamic source (Even huge CAFR's and Budget Documents)

  • Reports are saved outside the program giving you unlimited report storage

  • Access to 5 years of Data for all report-writing

Okay, I could go on... and on.... and on... Just take my word for it, this is really worth looking into!

Learn More about how CaseWare Templates work for Governmental Reporting here

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