The Art of using CaseWare calculations for Financials Templates

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

For many financial professionals, creating custom calculations in various software is part of your repertoire. As a result, we are often tempted to use our abilities to create calculations from scratch in CaseWare.

But for users of CaseWare's Financials Template Add-ons... (such as GAAP/IFRS, GASB, Special Purpose, CAFR).

...the simple fact is that these templates have been pre-loaded with an arsenal of back-end features, coding, and calculations that have spectacular functionality with the pre-built content of the templates.

I can say this because I am not one: CaseWare programmers are Artists!

CaseWare Programmers are Artists

Here are some features that are incorporated into these calculations that you might damage if you override the existing contents:

Being able to leverage off your database: (linkage functions)

In applications like excel, calculations often point to locations in a sheet. In CaseWare, you have gone through the trouble to set up an extremely detailed database with group/map coding, consolidation structures, journal entries, etc. CaseWare calculations allow you to point to items in your data as opposed to locations, and this is a very powerful tool. Want some examples? Check out CaseWare's list of Linkage Functions;


When it comes time to roll forward your file, events are a fantastic tool to automate your process of document changes. Just to give you an idea of the sorts of events we may have built into your file to help you out, here is a handy list of events from CaseWare that you could be losing yourself by overriding a calculation: Events Functions List

Relative Referencing

Once again, I'm going to direct you to CaseWare's website for their spot-on description of the purpose and value of relative referencing: About relative referencing.

Date and Time functions that are built for financial reporting

These functions are extremely important to financial reporting, and CaseWare has built them with financial professionals in mind. Sure, you could very easily use functions similar to that of excel, but take a look at the list of Date and Time Functions CaseWare may have built into components of your template: Date and Time Functions.

Engagement Management Data

CaseWare is also a great workflow manager for your team, and a lot of functions can provide you actual data about that workflow, or about the CaseWare File properties in general. Essentially, there are functions that are CaseWare specific because they provide CaseWare specific data. Here, take a look: Miscellaneous Functions.

Remember, most of that stuff is there for a reason, so. don't get yourself thrown into the deep end...

Now that you have been given all this information on functions, you may be tempted to DIY with all this new information. I recommend testing your calculations mettle in a sandboxed environment and not your live file and staying in touch with your consultants or CaseWare to ensure you've got the right idea before applying anything to your live file. Just remember, if the calculation looks extremely long and complex, that complexity is generally intentional. Leverage off of the tools your template provides you before trying to reinvent the wheel.

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