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For those of you with whom we have worked for a while, we are not sure if you noticed the newest member of our team showed up in the summer of 2018. His presence has vastly extended our ability to assist CaseWare users in any sector and we thought it might be worth giving him a shout out. Ruan Strydom has already given some of our clients the ability to automate their financial reporting process in ways we had not anticipated at the start of their contracts. We are quickly realizing that many of our existing clients can benefit from the sort of custom tools Ruan has been able to create. But before we get into that, would you like to know a little about Ruan?

Why CaseWare in South Africa is relevant to you

Ruan joins us from South Africa. If you don’t know this already, our team is based outside of Houston, Texas. Ruan and his family have relocated to join our network of locally-based home offices. Apart from making Ruan’s transition to our team a more dramatic effort, his history in South Africa is an important detail when it comes to working with CaseWare:

CaseWare is much more universal to finance teams in Africa than it is in the United States

Don’t get us wrong, CaseWare is EXTREMELY PROLIFIC in the United States for Auditors, Accounting Firms, Corporations, and Public Sector Entities. The difference is that in much of the African continent, CaseWare proficiency is more often considered a requirement for finance professionals regardless of the actual use case. Often, US finance pros with CaseWare experience are highly prized by organizations that use the software, but it is not always easy to find someone who is trained. This reduces the amount of competition between CaseWare users in the US market space (but this also means that CaseWare knowledge is a great thing to have on a resume!!). The fact that Ruan was able to stand out and excel among a more competitive set of peers in South Africa speaks very highly of his level of expertise.

CaseWare has different offerings in South Africa than they do anywhere else in the world

South Africa has experienced a unique set of mandates from regulatory agencies in the past several years that have given CaseWare South Africa a chance to provide specialized tools on a wide scale.

South Africa is one of the only places in the world where their Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) mandated XBRL reporting [Read more:].

CaseWare Africa was able to produce an XBRL Lite version of CaseWare to those trying to get their financials appropriately tagged regardless of whether or not your Annual Financial Statements have been drafted using CaseWare Working Papers [Read more:].

The relationship between CaseWare and Finance in all South African sectors is so deeply ingrained into their professional culture, that CaseWare has made a true effort to respond to their specific needs. Ruan’s experience with such a frontier of CaseWare use cases gives him an insight into the true versatile nature of Caseware and what can be done with advanced knowledge of how to customize the solution.

Accounting + Programming = Customization Powerhouse

Ruan has been working with top accounting and auditing firms since 2003. He achieved formal education in financial accounting in 2001, his qualification as a Professional Accountant (SA) in 2007.

He began working on CaseWare in his first position at Moore Stephens WK inc in 2007. His excellence in that capacity propelled him into focusing on the financial and cost accounting (including IT) of the company itself. In 2013 he took on this managerial role and began more sophisticated modifications of Caseware templates, designing, maintaining, and testing custom software environments. His work was utilized for all member firms of Moore Stephens, SA.

In 2015, Moore Stephens was using Ruan as a development specialist for custom software tools to automate their manual processes. He provided software support, training, design, maintenance, modification, and testing of the software environments for their member firms. He became a Member of the Technical and Technology committee of Moore Stephens South Africa and his services were used for all member firms in South Africa and the rest of the African Continent.

Ruan + Gray CPA’s = Automation Excellence

We have already tested Ruan’s mettle against the challenges faced by a selection of our existing GASB reporting clients. We are very proud of the amazing custom scripting options he was able to configure for some very specific use cases.

We have always believed strongly that what makes American finance so special is the fact that our finance teams have such unique needs. Though we do leverage off our extensive experience in multiple finance sectors to help our clients improve their best practices, Ruan’s ability to adapt our Custom CaseWare Solutions so thoroughly to specific workflows and use cases means we can optimize processes more than ever.

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