Every Day is "Take Your Dog to Work" Day at Gray CPAS

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It's Take-Your-Dog-to-Work Day! No really, that's a thing! (See if your office will let your celebrate)

For Gray CPA's, that's every day. We've always known that our office pets keep us happy and that happy people are more productive; but now, there is research to back our practices!

Banfield Pet Hospital did a survey in 2016 covering 1,006 employees and 200 Human Resource Decision Makers from a mix of company sizes and industries across the U.S. The results indicated an extremely positive response. An excerpt from their abstract:

"Overwhelmingly, responses indicate that pet-friendly workplaces are viewed as highly positive, boosting morale, contributing to talent retention and providing employers with a competitive edge in the recruitment process. Survey respondents even report that they believe more people would adopt pets if their companies offered pet-friendly office policies. Importantly, even when companies take advantage of these benefits by allowing pets in the workplace, the majority have not formalized an official pet-friendly workplace policy."


Here are some of the Gray CPA's staff of Office Critters:

We have also housed foster-dogs for the Texas Sled Dog Rescue here at the office. They have all been fur-ever homed. Stay posted for any new arrivals :)

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