#Love Your Pet Day

At Gray CPA Consulting, every day is Love Your Pet Day!

(Just see this #TBT https://www.graycpaconsulting.com/post/graycpas-dog-days)

But even since 2016, studies are still pointing to the benefits of having pets.

Our staff enjoys working remotely which allows them to spend their day with their fur family. Many of you who have attended one of our webinars, or been in on a web meeting may have heard the odd bark, meow, or chirp.

Even if you don't work from home, maybe you can subtly slide this handbook over to your HR department in hopes you can create a "Woofice" of your own.

Here are some of Gray CPA's non-human Office ambassadors :

We also still use our homes to foster for the Texas Sled Dog Rescue

Our Current foster is Angus:

And here are some of our adopted alumni:

We plan to spoil everyone today. How do you plan to celebrate #loveyourpetday?

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