Streamline Government-Wide Reconciliations

Does the accounting and reporting of your government-wide section feel like a constant battle? Do you have to do a ton of calculations outside your accounting or reporting systems just to get good starting and ending balances? Do you just feel like you're playing guess and check sometimes? Join us for this part of our Tips and Tricks series to streamline your process and turn your burden into a tool that you can use to optimize the rest of your financial report!

Some of the items we will be covering include:

  • Re-establish and automate your beginning balances so that next year is a breeze

  • Optimize your Journal Entry methodology to reduce manual efforts and to improve overall accuracy

  • Build the calculations and automation you need to generate Reconciliation documents from the Government-Wide Statements.

  • Leverage off the Government-Wide Section to automate other parts of your Financial reports.

  • Utilize group codes to add functionality to your Government-Wide statements, reconciliations, and other sections of your Financial Report.

Our goal is to empower you and your team of finance professionals with support and solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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